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Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s crucial for long-term profitability. It goes beyond being efficient and doing more with less. It’s about being innovative now and making your business more resilient for the future.


WEEE is waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment and covers virtually everything with a plug or battery. It is classed as either household or non-household WEEE.



Recovered organics represents a sizable – and largely untapped – resource in the secondary materials marketplace. You need specialized expertise to maximize both the recovery and the value of this material.

Waste Recovery


Since 1986, we’ve been dedicated to our vision of a waste-free future. Our experienced professionals are always at the forefront of their fields, building infrastructure, expanding recovery,and improving practices.


We plan to open a facility that can become a centre for learning and discussion, to promote sustainable development in line with environmental health and green enterprise.


Through collaboration and transparency we hope to inspire this from the grass roots, in line with the complex socio-economic factors in Lagos.


Greener Cycle will initiate an e-waste recycling operation and aim to bring innovation and development to private sector waste management in UAE.


You can depend on us to provide reliable and prompt Junk removal services.​ When you need to de-clutter in an organized way, we are the people to call.​​

Efficient solutions

We have built our recycling expertise over a hundred years. Our excellent material know-how, specialist expertise and passion for what we do help us develop more efficient and more precise ways of sorting materials. We have minimised the amount of waste going to landfill: we are currently able to recycle or reuse up to 90% of the materials we collect ‒ and in some cases even more.

Extensive Logistics

We are the leading provider of industrial recycling services and the leading processor and supplier of recycled metals in Northern Europe. Our global logistics network connects our sites in Russia, the Nordic countries, the Baltic states, Poland and the United Kingdom with customers and suppliers in United States, China and Taiwan.

Electronic Waste

We provide uncomplicated recycling solutions for the electronics industry on a global scale. All waste materials from production processes can be utilised in some way. Electrical equipment can be recycled by reusing it or by processing the components into raw materials. Important stages in the recycling of electrical equipment include the sorting of plastics and the recovery of precious metals.

Office Equipment

We take used office equipment such as printers, computers, displays and telephones, and recycle it by reusing it or by dismantling and processing the components back into raw materials. We also take care of data security: we erase or destroy memory chips and hard drives so that no data can be recovered from them.

Retailers & Web store

We also receive imperfect goods, customer returns and otherwise faulty products from household appliance retailers and web stores for reuse or recycling as components. We recover plastics and precious metals from the products and recycle them into industrial raw materials.

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