About Us

Greener Cycle  is a professionally managed, Recyclable waste reprocessing company actively involved in the area of waste collection, Segregation, Up gradation, Shredding, Compaction and reprocessing for industrial recycling purposes. 

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading waste collection company engaged in collection, transportation and supply of all types of waste for recycling only. We collect various types of waste like empty cartons, newspapers & magazines, plastics, plastic water bottles, aluminium cans, used lubricants & used cooking oil. All our waste is collected from supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, schools, canteens, mosques, residential buildings and shopping malls. Being a waste collection company we target multi product generators and thus make ourselves suppliers of various items to different recyclers.

Types of Receptacles

As and when required we provide made to order cages, boxes and bins of various sizes . We also provide empty drums wherever required for collection of used oil. The sizes and type depends on the individual requirement.

Sources Of Collection:

Hotels, Schools, Supermarkets, Canteens, Mosques, Residential Buildings, Restaurants & Malls

Types of Waste Collected:

Empty Cartons, Newspapers & Magazines, Plastic Jerry Cans, Plastic Bottles, Used Lubricants & Used Cooking Oil

Processing / Disposal:

The waste collected goes for recycling and is used by various recyclers in UAE and overseas.

Our Services

We collect all types of waste for recycling. We also provide 10000 Gallon vacuum tankers for collection and disposal of non hazardous sewage waste from labour camps, construction sites, hotels & restaurants. We also do grease trap cleaning in Restaurants, Hotels and Catering establishments.

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Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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